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Giclee Printing
About Giclee Printing
The term giclee is French for "to spray". The fine art giclee printing process is a process where an original work of art or image is scanned or rendered digitally. Then the image is printed or sprayed onto a substrate of either paper or canvas, utilizing high resolution digital ink-jet printers. The printers used in this process print using continuous tone technology in which infinitely small pixels of color are capable of rendering amazingly accurate reproductions of the original image. The printers print with 4 to 8 inkjet colors and spray the ink in either a fixed droplet or variable droplet. The ink utilized by these printers is either dye sublimated or pigment based. Gleedsville Art, after a careful review of the different machines, chose a six color printer that uses pigment based inks. The six color printer coupled with tested substrates produces fine art prints of unmatched quality with a wide color gamut, high resolution, and long lightfast properties.

What are the benefits of giclee printmaking?
The greatest benefit is the versatility of this process. Upon review of our pricing, you will see that the initial investment is considerably less than other fine art reproduction methods, i.e. offset lithograph and serigraph. A first piece can be provided, depending on the size, for around $300.

There are a variety of substrates including watercolor paper and canvas. This offers the artist the additional flexibility to offer their image on either substrate or both. Additionally, the artist can hand embellish the print using paint, ink or gold foil stamping for a mixed media effect.

Image Touch Up
Since the process is digital, the image can be retouched to eliminate cracks in the canvas. The color contrast and composition of the original work also can be altered.

Life Expectancy of the Giclee Print
As a result of being a new technology in fine art reproduction, giclees have undergone extensive third party testing to determine lightfast properties. The life expectancy of a print depends on multiple variables. Lighting, paper/ink combinations, environmental surroundings - all contribute to the longevity of a print. Pigment based giclee inks when tested with particular substrates can last over 125 years without noticeable fading. These tests came from independent labs such as the Wilhelm Institute.

Handling Giclee Prints
You should treat all artwork with the utmost care. Your giclee prints should be protected from water. Paper giclee prints should be framed and mounted behind glass. Giclee prints on canvas can be treated with an acrylic varnish which will aid in their protection, but careful treatment is still required.

Color Accuracy
The giclee printing process provides brilliant and superior color to other methods of art reproduction. However, due to the limitations of the ink process, some colors can fall outside of the printable color spectrum. During the proofing process, close attention will be given to ensure the print is the closest possible color match to the original artwork.

Since the image is stored digitally, ordering additional prints is as easy as dialing a telephone. Gleedsville Art will store the image on a CD ROM. Additionally we will keep the approved proof for verification.

Gleedsville Art is dedicated to quality and to customer satisfaction. Please e-mail or call if we can be of further assistance.

How to Get Started
  1. Gleedsville Art can work with a 4"x 5" or larger transparency of your image, a CD or Zip disk containing a professionally prepared digital file or your original artwork. There will be an additional charge for handling original artwork. Make sure you package the art in a reusable container and properly insure the piece for shipping. Please contact us prior to shipping original artwork. Gleedsville Art will not be responsible for damages incurred during shipping.
  2. Determine your substrate (paper or canvas) and the quantity and sizes of prints. A quote from Gleedsville Art can be furnished upon request. Payment is required upon receipt of order. We accept checks, money orders, Visa and MasterCard.
  3. Upon receiving your two 9"x 12" proofs sign and date one proof and return to Gleedsville Art, 5 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia 20175. If further color corrections are require there will be additional charges.
  4. The processing time after receipt of your signed proof is approximately ten (10) working days.
  5. We will keep your image on file to accommodate your future printing requirements.

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